World Cup 2022: Cameroon, Ghana, Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia qualified if…

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These are the scenarios that qualify African teams to the 8th finals


  • Victory against Ecuador
  • Draw against Ecuador, imperative and goals. Victory for Qatar over the Netherlands with a difference greater than 2 goals


  • Victory against France, draw between Australia and Denmark
  • Australia wins against France and Denmark, but with a smaller score


  • Canada: Victory
  • Draw against Canada
  • Canada’s defeat and victory for Croatia against Belgium


  • Victory against Brazil and draw with Switzerland and Serbia and Switzerland are not more important than Cameroon
  • Victory against Brazil and victory against Switzerland for Serbia, but with a goal difference that is lower than that of Cameroon


  • Victory over Uruguay
  • Draw against Uruguay, South Korea defeat Portugal by less than two goals

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What regulation says that a tie can be decided between two or three teams?

1- General goal difference

2- Best attack (most goals scored).

3- Direct confrontations

4- Goal difference in head-to-head matches

5- The number of goals scored during matches between the teams.

6- Disciplinary class with yellow and red tickets (1 point for a yellow or red card received by a member of the team, not followed by an exppulsion), 3 points to a second warning (synonymous/red card), 4 points to a direct redcard, 5 points to a direct expulsion for a player already warned

7- Draw

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