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Imagine shopping in a world that was similar to your favorite video game. An immersive and exciting experience that transports you into a beautiful, interactive world where you could try on clothes, discover new products, and get a feel for what you’re buying before having to commit to anything. Instead of being pushed by salespeople, you can move freely and explore the options. You would also be able to earn rewards for purchasing products, which could be used to buy more or save up for something extra. It would be fun and stress-free to shop online, and it would change consumer behavior.

Thanks to the visionary minds at 3 Degrees Tech http://3DegreesTech.com/This is a reality that global brands are slowly adopting. This proudly South African company was founded by futurist developers Elmen Lamprecht & Yakeen Sadiq in 2017. They aim to facilitate brands’ transition into the 3D digital space. 

As innovative as the virtual e-commerce experience may be, their ambitions reach even further with their sights set keenly on developing 3D LMS (Learning Management System) platforms that heighten the user’s engagement and learning experience. The Covid19 pandemic and its many social restrictions prompted a surge of digital innovation in the company, which further motivated the need to provide remote schooling, company training, management, administration, and management. These innovative systems have been implemented by leading universities in South Africa. They allow students to communicate with each other and facilitate learning. In just the US alone, the LMS market is expected to grow from $9.2 billion in 2018 to $22.4 billion in 2023.

“Digital technology is advancing at a rapid pace and many organizations globally were far from prepared in adopting and optimally utilizing these new tools that would seek to benefit these brands, internally as well as from a consumer centric perspective”, says Elmen. 3DT offers innovative solutions that allow organizations to access 3D gamified experiences that increase brand sentiment and consumer engagement.

These innovative products are not the only ones being developed by 3 Degrees Tech. 3 Degrees Tech also launched a virtual meeting room, virtual events and 3D websites offering both end consumers and global organisations the opportunity to interact without social restrictions. This has led to an increase in digital user presence online.  

As Yakeen so aptly puts it, “we believe in the POWER OF EXPERIENCES. Inspirational experiences engage the MIND as well as the HEART, unlocking human potential through PERSONAL Engagement. We create interactive, magical customer & employee experiences with plans to not only change the landscape from 2D to 3D but also impact our economy with job creation as well as adult and junior academies teaching digital skills”.

“We help organizations evolve into the new normal, a 3D based environment with endless possibilities!”

 3 Degrees Tech now offers 3D inspirational and game-based experiences in the following verticals:

  • Gamified HR Processes
  • Game Based Learning 
  • Sales & Marketing 
  • Events & Meetings 
  • Metaverses

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