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After being crowned Miss Eenghoshi 2022, Elizabeth Shipulwa (25) was proclaimed a brand ambassador for Eenghoshi Bikers Club.

Her mission as ambassador is to encourage confidence in young girls and create leadership opportunities.

“There has long been a stigma and negative perception of pageant queens. They are often seen as being dull and lacking anything to offer society. This is, however, not the case as most of these women are highly educated, and understand what is happening in the world,” says Elina Namupolo, the Eenghoshi Bikers Club administrator and founding member.

Namupolo believes that contestants in pageants should have a vision to become stronger and better and to empower each other.

The club, which is based out of Windhoek in Namibia, was founded in 2018. Its goals are to promote biking in previously disadvantaged areas, encourage tourism through cycling, and support charitable initiatives throughout Namibia.

The club also aims for the introduction of biking to Namibian entertainment, hence its participation in various social events.

It can have up to 55 members, which includes professionals from different industries and artists.

Namupolo says that biking has always been dominated by men.

“Eenghoshi Bikers Club is the first bikers club to transform Namibian biking from its traditional form, by inventing an inclusive biking culture, which includes female riders and non-riders,” she says.

Club believes that it has found an ambassador and voice to help the masses by crowning its first Miss Eenghoshi.

Shipulwa was raised in Windhoek and studied at the Kanzan University of Architecture and Engineering.

She said that being crowned Miss Eenghoshi means she will be a strong ambassador for the club and plan to work hard to ensure that her community has safe spaces.

“These are permanent, safe, and sustainable homes, parks, and other public spaces. All people need to be included. It is a small world but there is so much to see. People need a place to rewind, reflect and breathe.”

Shapulwa said that she will also help educate and teach people about mental health.

“Our youth are going through so many of these mental health issues, including depression and anxiety, and although help is readily available, they tend to seek help from alcohol and drugs, which they begin to abuse. If we do not take care of ourselves, will there be any leaders for tomorrow?”

Shapulwa said that Miss Eenghoshi 2022 was her choice because it reflects the fundamental values and vision of a family.

“One that breaks barriers and discards the norm, I can sincerely say I am honoured to be associated with the Eenghoshi Bikers Club. My journey with them has allowed me to be in charge of projects I did not think I could lead, helped me to be more assertive and that is something I am truly grateful for.”

Shapulwa believes that her future projects include giving her time to the homeless, hungry, or hopeless.

“In the same vein, I also intend to showcase our country and its beautiful culture through my interactions with bikers from all over Africa. My first rally will be between 2 and 4 December 2022, where our club will visit a sister club based in Polokwane.”

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