Chicago Marathon: Ruth Chepngetich and Seifu Tura at the head of the gondola

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Marathon lovers will be able to feel incredible sensations during the Chicago Marathon on Sunday, October 9, in the United States. This new edition promises great opposition, as it is one of the most prestigious events in the discipline.

Ruth Chepngetich is the current women’s champion and will be trying to win the medal. The Kenyan has reason for optimism. She remains on the heels of a huge victory in Nagoya (Japan) earlier in the year, when she broke the course records with 2h17mn18s. That was only 10 seconds behind the record she set at Dubai in 2019.

Ruti Agas will be the 2019 world champ. Although she has only won one marathon in her career, the Ethiopian has been able to reach the podium in six other races, including New York City in 2019 and three times in Berlin. His personal best of 2:18:34 was set in Berlin four year ago.

Men love Seifu Tora

Seifu Tura, the favorite to win the men’s title, is the overwhelming favorite marathon. The Ethiopian has won the last edition and is now aiming for the pass-of-two this year. He would become the first male marathon winner in more than a decade if he wins this Sunday.

He will have to work hard. His personal best of 2h03mn40s Dubai in 2019 will challenge him for the gold medal.

Elisha and Bernard Koech from Kenya will have their say. The first is extremely experienced and will use his knowledge to defy the forecasts. The second will be able surf on the 2h04mn21s he won in Paris last year.

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