EUROPE/ITALY – October 11 is a special day of fasting and prayer for peace announced by the Franciscan Family

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EUROPE/ITALY: The Franciscan Family has announced a special day of fasting, prayer for peace and prayer on October 11, 2012.

Assisi – “We ask for your support in the Franciscan Family’s special day of fasting, prayer and reflection on October 11, 2022.” While we see the immorality of evil in action, we respond with penance and prayer. This appeal was released by the Conference of the Franciscan Family. It is the body that unites the General ministers of the male, women and lay religious orders around the world who are inspired by Saint of Assisiii. The Ministers sent Fides a letter containing this message. We want to express our deep concern for peace, particularly in light of the suffering inflicted on so many and the risk that nuclear arms could be used.
The Lord gave St. Francis a proclamation to be addressed to all: “May the Lord give you peace!” It has become an essential element of our charism. We are grateful for the gift of peace through the conversion and conversion of hearts. We are called to be humble, meek, peaceful and modest, without rivalry or quarrels. “Let us therefore be witnesses of the peace we have received,” continues the appeal signed by Sister Daisy Kalamparamban and Tibor Kauser OFS. Friar Massimo Fusarelli OFM Cap, friar Roberto Genuin OFMCap, friar Massimo Genuin OFMCap, friar Carlos Alberto Trovarelli CONV, and friar Amando Trujillo TOR, who is currently President of the CFF.
The letter echos the “cry” Pius XII sent to everyone in 1939, just before the outbreak of World War II: “Nothing can be lost with peace.” War can end all things. May men again learn to understand each others. May they talk to each other again. They will be able to communicate in good faith with each other and respect their reciprocal rights. This will lead them to realize that honest and effective negotiations can bring about an honorable outcome. Then he recalls the words that Saint Paul VI used in his address before the United Nations: “Never again warfare!” Or, as St. Pope John Paul I called it, war was “an adventure that does not end”. “On September 25, 2015 Pope Francis addressed United Nations with the same request: “No more warfare; war is negation of all right”, reads text.
“Attentively listening to the signs and these words from our clergy leaders and our charism, we invite everyone seriously and passionately to take up the concern about peace and to pray continually for this precious gift,” remarked the Minister Generals. “May peace and reconciliation be promoted in our preaching and formation, in our various service projects and works, in proclamation and daily life. Let us give this urgent and urgent prayer for peace and our humble and peaceful Saints Francis Clare, Clare and Elizabeth,” concludes that letter. (PA) (Agenzia Fides, 8/10/2022)



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