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The ‘China-Middle East and North Africa International Trade Digital Expo 2022’, sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) ( and co-organized by the China International Chamber of Commerce (CCOIC) and Beijing Massbetter International Exhibition Co., Ltd., will be held online from October 19 to 28. This annual event is expected to attract more than 1,000 businesses and 10,000+ visitors from China and other countries.

The expo will play an important part in the post-pandemic period’s development of the global economy. The expo will provide a platform for foreign trade, encourage effective connection between domestic markets and foreign markets, explore economic development opportunities online with the Internet economy, as well as assist domestic and overseas trade enterprises to connect through online platforms with foreign buyers.

Besides trading sessions, the expo also set up specialized sessions such as ‘China Today’, ‘Chinese Brand’, ‘Service Trade’ and Pavilion of ‘Xinjiang Cotton and Textile Products’, to better fit the global economy developing and trading trend, and to better display China. Expotors from different industries will be displayed in clear categories to ensure that both Chinese and foreign visitors can have a professional and efficient online experience. Exhibitors and visitors will be supported in achieving trade cooperation by the expo.

6 online matchmaking sessions will be held during the Expo, which will cover the Capacity Cooperation, Agriculture and Food, Home Decoration and Building Materials, Textiles and Clothing, Smart Cities and Hotel Supplies.

The event will be hosted on the GTW (Global Trade Week) online platform. GTW always aims to achieve professional, accurate and efficient “Made in China” show, promote and expand trading channels for Chinese enterprises to connect with the buyers and businessmen especially across the Middle East and North African markets and establish new business cooperation platform.

For more information, please visit Expo website:

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