Chelsea: Kepa and Seny Dieng, the double threat for Edouard Mendy

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Edouard Mendy, who was left on the bench for Chelsea’s victory over Wolverhampton (3-1), on Saturday, October 8th, seems to be falling behind Kepa Arizzabalaga, Spanish goalkeeper. Seny Dieng, who is seeking to be the 2022 World Cup’s best goalkeeper, is also in the mix.

Is Edouard Mendy going to be back in the Chelsea cages soon? After missing a few competition weeks due to an injury, the Senegalese goalkeeper was able to return to the Blues group and follow his team’s victory over Wolverhampton (3-0) as part of the 9e Premier League day. Kepa Arizzabalaga, his replacement, chained him on the ground. This was a fresh clean sheet following the win against AC Milan (3-0), last Wednesday in Champions League.

Since his January 2020 arrival, the Spanish goalkeeper has been lining up for the African champion. Graham Potter, the new Blues coach, believes that he has now passed the Senegalese in goalkeeper hierarchy. This is what the technician seems to suggest for this afternoon’s match against the Saints. This, despite Rennais’s recent injury recovery. Even if we have to wait for the next London club outings to be certain.

The collapse Edouard Mendy

Arrived at Chelsea in January 2020 to take the place of this same Kepa, who then chained errors in the cages of the Blues, “Edu” had immediately given satisfaction to his new club. Impassable, his great performances on the European scene notably enabled Chelsea to win the “Big Ears Cup” during the same season. The cherry on the cake was the fact that the 30-year old doorman had won the “The Best”, trophy for best goalkeeper. This was a tremendous consecration for someone who had previously been unemployed for most of his career.

Expected confirm the next season, Edouard Mendy is less authoritative on his line. The Senegalese is less effective in his interventions and makes more errors, such as his mistake on the 3eKarim Benzema scored the goal in the quarter-final of the 2021-2022 Champions League. This is a serious mistake that will have serious consequences for his team, who will not be able to go any further in the competition.

Seny Dieng threatens Edouard Mendy in the national team

Edouard Mendy is far from the goalkeeper of his calibre, and this season he is far from being able to give the assurances that he can. The Blues’ last bulwark has been often feverish in its Premier League appearances. For example, he was particularly responsible for the 3-0 defeat of the Blues to Leeds on day 3.e daytime. The Senegalese goalkeeper attempted a harmless dribble on Whites striker B. Aaronson. This was stopped by the latter, who quietly placed the leather in the empty nets to open the match ( 33′). Another error by the goalkeeper that somewhat symbolizes 2020 European champion’s collapse.

If he is not contested, the best goalkeeper in CAN 2021 appears unstoppable in selection. However, the good performance in the Senegalese selection of the doorman of Queens Park Ranger, Seny Dieng, could well give ideas to Aliou Cissé at the next World Cup (November 20-December 18) in Qatar. Particularly if Edouard Mendy was to lose his starting spot with Chelsea.

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