Burkina Faso: August 4 stadium, a rehabilitation that drags on

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Burkinabe’s sports journal republishes the August 4 stadium file in Ouagadougou. Due to its inaccessibility for international and national sporting activities, the renovation of it is still in discussion. The renovation project is still in progress.
Our correspondent in Burkina Faso

Stade du 4-Août in Ouagadougou undergoing renovation.

The end of rehabilitation works at Ouagadougou’s August 4, stadium has been delayed several times as announced by different Ministers of Sports. The works were started on October 27, 2021, 11 months after the suspension of Ouagadougou’s August 4 stadium by the Confederation of African Football for non-compliance to international standards. For the first match of Stallions of Burkina Faso in September 2022, however, many Burkinabe athletes were left confused by the presentation of the progress of renovation work. The company’s details are not convincing. Burkinabe is under pressure. Four sports ministers have managed the file over 15 months.

Visit to the construction site of August 4 stadium.

Dominique Nana launched the file after the coup d’etat on January 22, 2022. Abdoul Wabou Drabo received the file back on August 19, 2022. He noted that the execution rate was only 37%, whereas it was to be 88% at that point. “In view of the work that remains, we can already say that the deadline will not be respected. There are grounds for satisfaction and the people in charge of the site confirm that everything will be ready by the next match of the Stallions”,Abdoul Wabou Drabo, after his visit to the rehabilitation work of the August 4, stadium.

$13 million already disbursed

After his visit, the file will undergo a legal stage that will see the arrest of three persons. Issifou Sirima took over the file on September 30, following the military coup. After the rehabilitation works were completed, he declared that the Ouagadougou stadium on August 4 will be ready to host football matches starting March 2023. “The reality of the Stade du 4-Août is what makes me smile, it’s joy, it’s peace. It’s amazing. In March, Ouagadougou’s August 4 stadium will be operational.He was confident.

Boubakar Savadogo was appointed as the new Minister of Sports, a statement that was subsequently retracted. Boubakar Savadogo visits again on January 17th. He regrets and makes excuses. “It hurts the hearts of all Burkinabè to see that the Stallions do not play in the stadium,He regrets.I am sorry from the bottom of me to the Stallions supporters. The Stallions will not play at the August Fourth stadium. I will do my best to make things right.”

According to our information, the Stade du 4-Août in Ouagadougou will not be operational until next June. Therefore, the Stallions may have to wait until next June before they can play at their home. The project will cost 23million 275 thousand 144. Six contracts govern the project. Boubakar Savadogo the current Minister of Sports says that 13 million 300,000 082 dollars has been released.


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