Supreme Court Gets Tough

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By: R. Joyclyn Wea

MONROVIA-The Supreme Court of Liberia requested that the Ministries of Justice and Internal Affairs have Mr. Ernest White and Joseph Kollie arrested immediately.

They were ordered by the High Court to be forwarded to its Court Marshall Office in order to begin their sentence.

The Court’s latest decision stemmed from two separate requests from Representatives Moima Mensah and Marvin Cole to pardon local county officials.

It is possible to recall that the Supreme Court of Liberia ruled in the case In Re. Contempt Proceeding against Daniel Tubman and Robert Sulu. The Acting City Mayor of Toyota City, Robert Sulu and Acting General Cown Chief of Toyota City were Miller Bondo, a youth leader from Salala District, Carney Sileaf, Poro Grove Operator in Salala District, Ernest white, Cultural advisor, Joseph Kollie, and the Court held them in criminal contempt for vandal magisteri

In addition to the vandalism, Magistrate Eliams G. Capehart was stripped baked along with certain court staff of the Salala Magisterial  Court, were abducted and initiated into the traditional school; whilst the Bong Mines and Gbartala Magisterial Courts experience disturbances and attempted abduction.

These terrible acts were the foundation of the Supreme Court’s conviction of these defendants to six months in prison at Monrovia Central Prison.

However, only five of those contemnors, in persons of Daniel Tubman and Clinton Brown, Robert Sulu and Miller Bondo, were executed at Monrovia Central Prison. Ernest White, Joseph Kollie, and Robert Sulu are still at large.

Based on this, the Supreme Court of Liberia unanimously denied a request from Moima Brgs Mensah Chairperson of Bong Legislative Caucus Representative District Six Salala, J Marvin Cole Representative of Region three, Bong County seeking a pardon in behalf of seven local officials held in criminal contempt of Judiciary Branch of Government and the Supreme Court of Liberia. They were sentenced to six months imprisonment.

In separate Communications addressed respectively to her Honor Si-A-Nyene Yuoh, Chief Judge of the Honorable Supreme Court on December 15, 2022 and Jan 5, 2023, both representatives acknowledged the wrong done against the court. They also offered their apologies for the citizens of Bong County. They asked the Supreme Court to temper justice and release their kinsmen, adding that they are certain that these men have learned their lesson.

The Supreme Court responded to Hon. Mensah dated January 20, 2023, and signed by Chief Justice Yuoh denied said request stating that granting such a request will not only undermine the integrity of the Supreme Court but will destroy the independence and neutrality of the nation’s highest court.

Citing Articles 65 and66 of the Constitution of Liberia (1986), the court reminded the Representatives of the Supreme Court’s supremacy within the bailiwick of Liberia. The Supreme Court’s decision is final in all respects; it is binding and enforceable against all persons brought under its jurisdiction, regardless of their political or social status; it is also final.

“Considering your request in the light of the above-referenced constitutional provisions, we are hesitant to state here that the granting of reprieve as requested, will not only undermine the supreme country’s integrity, but also same will create an avalanche that will destroy the supreme court’s independence and neutrality and portray the court as being biased, selective, weak, and susceptible to legislative influence,” the court noted.

The high court also held that to grant your request and to release the defendants who are being held in criminal contempt of court will be a clear expression of favoritism as well as a departure from article 11.c of the constitution.

The provision states “the law makes no distinction between men when before it; the high and low here are both on an equal level. Although the law was right, it had no sympathy. It does not make men wealthy or poor. The claim to be rich cannot be used to influence it. Likewise, pleading poverty cannot bring about sympathy.

Source: New republic liberia

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