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The multi-genre duo Rundu, Escoh_Yohighness & Seanblizzy are set to release their third song, ‘Ka_Feeling. This will be accompanied by visuals on 14 February.

Seanblizzy produced the song and it speaks about the beauty of love.

Escoh_Yohighness says they were eager for the song to be released next month on a date of love after they received positive feedback from fans after posting the 30-second teaser video of the upcoming music videos on Tiktok, Facebook.

“The response is going well and fans continue to do their own challenges of the song, out of the original 30-second video we shared,” says Escoh_Yohighness.

He adds: “The chorus is very catchy… and chant-like ‘Wakazuva kena Ka_feeling nsene vana kupehe mokutwi, love is a beautiful feeling’, which means have you experienced that feeling when someone licks your ear.”

The duo formed last year and have already released two singles. The first was ‘Mbongo_mbwee.

This is a type of vibe song.

Their second single, “Bonaja”, featuring Top Cheri & Sunny Boy is a summer vibe track that means “let’s have fun”.

“Summer season is the season when people come together and celebrate like at the river sides, some are busy with braais, some are busy with potjie and the right time for ladies to show their summer bodies from the workouts, the results of herbal life and gym must come to play,” teased Seanblizzy.

According to the duo they found it a great experience to work with different artists and get involved in the music scene.

“Since they are all flexible to work with, friendly and they are all a vibe, we have learned more from the artists, especially Page, Etjo, Top Cheri and Sunny Boy gave us a great experience of the music industry.

“The Namibian music industry is not an easy industry to break through. Namibia’s music industry is not easy to recognize. There are many talented artists and good music. All one needs to do is to work hard to be known in some parts of the country,” says Seanblizzy.

The duo plan to release their debut album next year.

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