CHAN 2022-Mali: Nouhoum Diané reassures before the derby in Mauritania

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I am sure it will be another exciting game for both sides. I believe Mauritania deserves respect just like the other teams. No one knows what tomorrow will bring, but I’m certain we’ll be there. », At a press conference, the coach of the local Eagles of Mali was declared.

If Mali is a favorite for some specialists, Nouhoum Diané does not see things that way. ” I wouldn’t place myself in the shoes floved. Tomorrow is an important game and I’m preparing for it.”Clarified IThe coach of the local Eagles. To add: If Mauritania has qualities, Mali too Is it? ».

To the question of whether Mali will play to close or seek victory Nouhoum Diané replies: “ As long as you are able to defend well You must also beIt is possible to score. The most important thing in this match is not to concede but also to not say that I’m going to defend… you must try to take advantage and score. »

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Ousmane Diallo, his left side, sat at his table in conference and shared his opinion Press. “We will remain ourselves, as the coachIt was simple. There are situations when you need to be focused from the beginning to the end, offensively or defensively. We’ll be there, and we’ll play football. »

Facing a Mauritanian teamWhile Angola did not score a goal, the Eagles who conceded three goals to Paleancas Negras should be very careful.

The first half against Angola proved to be a disaster. This team has been together for four years and we have never conceded so many goals during an official match. We were able reframe the players at half time and then we scored again. But it won’t be the exact same. I think the players understood. The coach and the players should be able to correct any errors that occur during a match. », explained coach Nouhoum Diané.

He believes that there is no country in this competition that is higher than Mali. But a football match is still a football game. It is known by the players. Have Preparedés about that…they know it very well. We will play our football tomorrow. We will fight. We will do our best to qualify. », He was reassured.

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