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Member of European Parliament Thierry Mariani denounced on Tuesday the biased stand adopted by the European Parliament against Morocco, a “key strategic partner of the EU in Africa”, while turning a blind eye to Algeria’s oppression of pro-democracy militants for gas supplies.

“By tolerating everything from Algeria and systematically slamming Morocco, the EU and Macron are strengthening the regime in Algiers and upsetting all those who, with the Hirak militants, were demanding real change!”, said the French MP in his twitter account.

Even though the Algerian authorities violate human right, continue to oppress vocal critics and participate in the destabilization Africa, Paris will rollout the red carpet to president Abdelmejid Telboune’s visit to France, said the MEP.

Monday saw the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights (LADDH) dissolve. This was a confirmation of the regime’s ongoing harassment and crackdown on the NGO which defends human rights, including the rights of migrants and workers.

MEP Thierry Mariani, a member of the European Parliament, stated that the European left has never condemned Algeria, and that the EU has given everything up in exchange for gas. He also regretted that the EP resolution was biased in its support for Amnesty International’s and Human Rights Watch’s biased reports.

In a retaliatory move the Moroccan Parliament decided that it would reconsider its relations to the European Parliament, which last week passed a resolution condemning alleged restrictions on press freedoms in Morocco.

The Moroccan Parliament said that the European decision “undermined the foundations of trust and cooperation” between Rabat and Brussels. It also strongly condemned the European hostile attempts to harm Morocco’s interests and image.

The Moroccan lawmakers slammed interference into the country’s judicial system, describing the EU move as “unacceptable assault” on Morocco’s sovereignty.
Morocco’s Judiciary Supreme Council decried the resolution of the European Parliament which overstepped its prerogatives and duties, while Moroccan National Press Council denounced unfair move and blackmail in a bid to secure EU economic and commercial gains.

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