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Maletsunyane Braai Fest contributes to the country’s development and creates employment, especially for those who live in the region.

This was stated by Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (LTDC) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr Retšelisitsoe Nko at a press briefing held at LTDC premises on Thursday.

He said that the event helps the tourism industry to collect a needed tourism levy. This is used to develop the sector. He added that it is important for them to improve their events’ standards so they can compete with events of similar nature worldwide.

He said that they are tourism stakeholders and are working hard at attracting investors to Lesotho. He added that they also work hard to create platforms to ensure such events are easily accessible.

Dr Nko encouraged Basotho that they participate in this event to promote domestic tourism. He also stressed the importance of treating other tourists with respect and being responsible.

Mr. Ticherepule, one founder, said that through this outdoor entertainment they market Lesotho worldwide and allow the community to provide accommodation and food for others.

He stated that tourists will be safe because they have partnered with Lesotho Mounted Police Services and Lesotho Defence Force (LDF).

He further revealed that at the event whose theme is ‘gumboots’, they expected approximately 3000 local and international tourists. He stated that the event would begin on Friday and end on Sunday.

Representative of the Lesotho Council of Tourism, Adv. Makhetha Motšoari said through the initiative, they expect organisers to market Lesotho so that more tourists as well as investors can come and contribute to the development of the country’s economy.

Basotho was also encouraged by him to think of similar business ideas in order to create employment and to put other tourist destinations in the country on the map.

The Maletsunyane Braai Festival, passionately known as ‘The Coolest Braai Festival’,  was introduced in 2016 and is held annually near the Maletsunyane Falls in Semonkong.

Each year, 3000 people come to the festival from Lesotho as well as other countries. It also hosts international and local artists. The event also features a braai festival, as well as leisure activities like hiking, camping, and abseiling.

Maletsunyane falls is a waterfall that reaches 192 metres high, located in Semonkong (Lesotho). The waterfall is located approximately 130 km from Maseru City.

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