Algeria: a new chapter begins for the Greens

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Djamel Bemadi dropped a real surprise on the eve the regrouping. I had originally planned to attend the World Cup, but I was going to leave shortly after it. “, he entrusted to the press. Although the cycle is over, the coach of Algeria has decided to continue his adventure with Fennecs.

The first manager of the technical team made strong choices, now that he had more time to integrate new players before the deadlines. Andy Delort (OGC Nice striker) who put off the selection and Nabil Bentaleb (an ex-member of the workforce who disappeared due to club problems) are reuniting with their national team teammates.

Djamel Belmadi also desired to integrate young Algerian hopefuls into his workforce. He has made contact with many young binationals over four years and is now ready to welcome one at the next meeting.

Riyad Mahrez’s team will take on Guinea on Friday, September 23, at 7 p.m. GMT. Nigeria will take on Nigeria on September 27, at the Miloud-Hadefi Stadium in Oran. An important meeting to discover new faces and start preparing for the 2023 African Cup of Nations which will take place in a little over a year in Côte d’Ivoire.

Feedback and questions to Delort!

This is without doubt the biggest surprise in this group. Djamel Belmadi, after announcing that he would no longer select for as long as he is still in office, did a 180-degree turn and recall the striker from OGC Nice.

One year ago, as the Greens were getting ready for the 2022 World Cup playoffs, Andy Delort announced publicly that the selection had been put on hold for one year. Djamel Belmadi was really upset and a large portion of the locker room were affected.

The technician from Algeria announced the exclusion of the Aiglon, stating that he would continue to be in his position. Andy Delort was eventually granted a year off and returned to national team immediately.

Djamel Belmadi confessed to his heartfelt explanation for his sudden change of heart. I didn’t condemn anyone. I brought back players who had done the same. I did not close the door on anyone, and no one has the right to dictate patriotism. “.

The 46-year-old coach explained that he had plans for Andy Delort to be deprived of the 2022 World Cup final phase. He would have resigned from his position to make room for a new coach who might have been able to recall.

Things didn’t go according to plan. Djamel Belmadi, Algeria’s national team captain, continued his adventures after Algeria fell in the World Cup playoffs. He believes there are no other reasons to keep him out of the team.

Andy is almost back at square one today. He will need to travel to Niger, Uganda, and Tanzania. “, he assured. Nothing to worry the Niçois who recently apologized to Algerian supporters.

It is still to be seen how the Ligue 1 striker will feel in the locker-room. Many of them didn’t take in the parenthesis from the 30-year-old striker. The latter explained the reasons to his comrades. It will take him time to regain trust from his comrades.

Belmadi has a lot to do

The Nice striker isn’t the only one returning for Algeria’s national team. Nabil Bentaleb, SCO Angers midfielder, will also return to Sidi Moussa’s training camps.

The former Tottenham nugget was long considered a vital part of the workforce. He was then forced to withdraw from the workforce for several years. His failures at Schalke 04, and his numerous injuries didn’t allow him to shine.

Nabil Bentaleb gained points since joining Angevin club. The 27-year old player, who is very good in the French midfield, was offered the golden opportunity to play in the Algerian eleven.

I was able to see his progress on the behavioral side, which caused him a lot problems, both on and off the pitch.The coach of the Algerian national soccer team explained his views. It is obvious that there has been an evolution. He is captain in Angers. This is not a gift given to a madman.. »

Nabil Bentaleb will however have to prove himself and show that he has the right to be in his place. I returned to my home. I’m back, and it’s my second birth. I was away for a long time and football requires you to prove every day.He trusted. My goal is to attend the next training camp. I know it will go through performances in training and matches. We will give 100% and see the rest.. »

Djamel Belmadi will need to solve a major question in addition to the ghosts. His defensive sector has been in very poor shape. Many elements are not getting enough playtime.

Aissa Mandi (Villarreal), and Ahmed Touba, (Basaksehir), are currently unable to participate in club matches. For his part, Mohamed-Amine Tougaï (ES Tunis) has still not resumed official competition with the Tunisian team. This is a very difficult situation.

There is a difference between a player who doesn’t play but has the level and another player who plays every day and does not have the international level.…, analyzed Djamel Bemadi. My greatest wish is that everyone can be competitive and have lots of play time. “.

We will also have to closely monitor the performance of the goalkeepers in the absence of number 1, Raïs M’Bolhi. This is done to give other goalkeepers experience in the national team. Farid Chaal and Moustapha Zighba will have the opportunity of earning points.

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