“It is in the interest of EU to maintain good relations with Rabat” – The North Africa Post

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Pedro Sanchez, the Spanish Prime Minister has highlighted the strong cooperation ties that exist between his country & Morocco and stated that it is in the EU’s interest to maintain good relations with Rabat.

Pedro Sanchez addressed the Spanish lawmakers on Tuesday and stressed the strategic importance to maintain good relations with Morocco, not only for Spain’s sake but also for the benefit of the entire European Union.

Last year, trade with Morocco has increased by 33%, reaching nearly 10 billion euros, while inbound irregular migrants declined significantly thanks to Morocco’s engagement, said the Spanish PM who distanced himself from the hostile resolution passed lately by the European Parliament against Rabat.

The next meeting of the High Level Moroccan-Spanish Meeting will give new impetus towards bilateral cooperation based upon the new roadmap created by two strategic partners and neighbours, Mr. Pedro said.


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