Lagos Fashion Week 2022 wraps up amid glitz and glamour

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By Ayomide Oluju

After much fanfare, fashion and glamour, the Lagos Fashion Week came to an end on Friday, September 8th.
Denrele, the master of ceremony, opened the show. He welcomed guests and lit up with his ib-cracking jokes.
Pretty mike was there to offer words-of-advice to potential fashion designers.
He also advised young fashion designers that they should be strong and persistent in their industry.
He also assisted in the creation of scholarships for two potentials in the fashion industry.
Actress and entrepreneur Iyabo Objo was on hand to offer guidance to young people interested to juggle film production and business.
She stated that anyone interested in juggling and acting should first do feasibility studies, be focused, and be able finance it.
She added that they should get a job first if they don’t capital to raise funds and hope that the boss is understanding for one to be able do start up whilst still working under him.
Many brands from Africa came to Lagos Fashion Week to show their products and try to be part.

Source: trustafricanews

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