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At the beginning of 2022 AD, the number of Corona cases in Khartoum increased, after it dropped at the end. The number of confirmed cases for the first weeks of January 2022 AD was (792) compared to (336 cases in December 2021 AD. There were 42 cases of death within a single week.

At its meeting, headed by the designated Wali in Khartoum (Professor Al-Tayeb Al-Sheikh), the Joint Higher Committee to confront Corona was asked for abandoning laxity when dealing with Corona. Corona is currently affecting the entire world.

Director of the Epidemiology Department Muhammad Al-Tijani warned of the dangers of the fourth wave due to the limited capabilities of state isolation centers. He also called for strict adherence to all health precautions.

Several proposals were made to support the only viable option to avoid infection, which is to intensify vaccination. The Ministry of Health confirmed the availability of vaccines at 288 centers.

According to the Ministry of Health, international organizations have expressed support for the Corona emergency through vaccines.

The World Health Organization began to build an isolation centre with international standards. Khartoum was responsible for determining the location.

The Governor of Khartoum State confirmed the state government’s support for the Corona emergency efforts, noting the readiness of Dr. Abdul-Baqi Abdul Qadir Al-Zubair, a member of the Sovereign Council, from his position as the state’s representative in the Sovereign to provide the required support to implement the Corona emergency budget.

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