Namibia should expect another floodwave soon – hydrologist – The Namibian

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Leonard Hango, the senior hydrologist in Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform, has warned Namibia to expect another floodwave from Angola within the next few days.

Hango and other hydrologists visited Angola Wednesday to assess and monitor the flow of water from the country.

Hango claims that they saw huge amounts of water in the stream running west from Oshikango to Santa Clara when they arrived. It flows into the Engela stream.

“This signifies the arrival of the second wave from Ondjiva towards the Namibian border and it will spread to the rest of the Cuvelai system in Namibia,” Hango said.

He also stated that there was no flooding at Evale in Angola along the main Cuvelai canal that drains from Cuvelai city and Mupa.

“Water there is just concentrated in the main course of the river. There is no flooding in the flood plains,” he said.

Hango stated that they were at the Oshana Sha Nalumono stream, which is the main stream that brings water to Endola, Okatana, and Oshakati and observed a floodwave in the area of Ondjiva.

“It is still to pass the borders or, if it has crossed the borders, it has not yet been registered,” Hango added.

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