H.E. Minister Ahmed Shide chaired a meeting with Ministers for a briefing on Reconstruction and Recovery – African Business

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Yesterday, H.E. Ahmed Shide, held a meeting with fellow ministers on the Government’s ongoing and planned efforts for reconstruction in the directly affected regions as well as national scale measures taken to address the recovery needs. The meeting reviewed the findings from the comprehensive assessment and losses caused by the conflict. It also discussed the national recovery plan and institutional arrangements to speed up the implementation.  

The Ministers highlighted the achievements in the swift restoration of services across the various sectors while underscoring the need for significant additional resources and for streamlined procurement and contracting procedures – that are commensurate with the emergency nature of reconstruction- in order to facilitate fast and timely response and reconstruction interventions. 

The meeting highlighted the upcoming launch the damage assessment report and reconstruction and recovery planning framework reports, as also the plan for resource mobilization as well as consultations with development partners on recovering

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