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In the afternoon hours of today 26 January, President Isaias Afwerki received at the State House a Russian delegation headed by Mr. Sergey Lavrov (Minister of Foreign Affairs).

At the meeting, President Isaias said that the illusion of creating a global unipolar system had completely failed. He called for an integrated effort to resist the hegemonic colonial history that has put the world in peril.

President Isaias stated that the war in Ukraine was a vivid example and the culmination of their erroneous hegemonic, dominance policy.

Lavrov, the Foreign Minister, stated that the conflict in Ukraine is between groups led by the USSR and Russia.

Underlining the fact that leaders of France and Germany, as well as other western countries, have confirmed their readiness for war since 2014, Mr. Lavrov stated that Russia’s peace initiative was not in line with their strategic interests and that they therefore resorted to escalating the war.

Mr. Lavrov also said that the ‘Group of Friends in Defense of the UN Charter’ which incorporates 20 countries including the Russian Federation and Eritrea have stated their stand on the war to the UN.

Regarding bilateral relations, Mr. Lavrov expressed his country’s readiness to cooperate with Eritrea in the sectors of energy, mining, information technology, education and health.

For his part, President Isaias stated that Eritrea will give priority the identified areas of cooperation and work to their implementation.

Foreign Minister Lavrov was accompanied by Osman Saleh (foreign minister), Mr. Yemane Geremeskel, Presidential Advisor, and Minister of Information. They visited the Pushkin monument, where they placed a wreath.

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