5-yr. Reflection

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MONROVIA-Mounting the national political podium with international dimension five years ago, while it could have been perceived that it was all ha… Ha… Ha, bread, butter, wine, and great life, President George M. Weah was swift enough to declare to the world that he inherited a broken economy and a broken nation.

While such pronouncement was fiercely challenged and to a larger extent debunked by his (Weah’s) predecessor, Dr. Weah stood his ground and refused to falter regarding what form and shape of state he took over from former president Ellen. Johnson Sirleaf.

He said that he then unleashed his manifesto political as the roadmap to lead the country, a platform (manifesto), which he named and popularly referred as PRO-POOR AGENDAThe center-stage was enriched with every aspect of national growth, development, and people-centeredness with emphasis.

Despite the government’s immense efforts to improve the corners of the world, and despite the limited resources available to speed-track several projects, it was a difficult task. But, with total composure and firm self-domination, the Pro-Poor has become a household name with tangible and praiseworthy achievements.    

Five years later, Dr. Weah had taken over the troubled nation, and now, looking back through the lense of a concrete setting, it is clear that the government has many accomplishments to be proud about as real achievements.

In a crisscross sampling of views, Mr. Portu Kemure, a social worker told this medium that President Weah did not obtain the name ‘Bad Road Medicine’ in vain rather, he (Weah) has proven to be just that beginning with road connectivity by the numerous roads constructed and conditioned exercise undertaken in the capital and around the country, thereby connecting the country that was once cut away from Monrovia, is commendable and no way to shy away from such practical outstanding development.

Mr. Joseph V.  Paigaryoua medical practitioner in River Cess joyously told this paper that since the inception of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led government, the health center’s landscape had transformed progressively and immensely with the renovations of many new health facilities including the hospital in River Cess County, the 14 Military Hospital in Margibi, the recently dedicated Emirates  Hospital in Bopulu, the renovation of several other government hospitals that were decaying in ruin, the purchase of a dialectics machine to cater to kidney’s patients which have not been in the hospital throughout the country and the on-going training of some medical doctors abroad in specialized fields are encouraging and a marvelous plus for the country and people.

Many people, while appreciative of the important developments in healthcare delivery centers, also acknowledged that it was a positive development. Is the nation and people’s greatest compliment to embrace the construction of couple of major hospitals that are ideally located at strategic places that will bridge the gap for places cut away from healthcare delivery system and urged the CDC-government that it is also imperative to state it clearly that marvelous structures are not what make hospitals.

Another group that appreciated the diversity of development highlighted the availability and affordability of electricity in the country, which allowed citizens and foreigners to start their own businesses.

President Weah was equally extolled for relieving the heavy financial burden that parents were carrying in paying their children’s tuitions in the various public schools with emphasis on his traditional obligation and commitment to underwrite the examination fees of all senior students in Liberia, thereby enabling the youthful generation to acquire education without financial hurdles that could keep them out of school.

Ma Hawa Nufomingateh at 14 Omega Market and Beatrice Wakadema, both marketers, praised the Liberian Leader’s unflinching efforts in replacing at-risk youths by opening a center that will teach them trades that will improve their livelihoods, change their behavior, and make them better citizens. They made mention of the recent graduation ceremony of the Boys Town Training Center’s inaugural group.

They described the Chief Executive as a stitch in their time.

Source: New republic liberia

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