‘Shotgun Wedding’is kinda fun – The Namibian

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A DESTINATION wedding turns into disaster in Jennifer Lopez’s action-packed, but decidedly outrageous ‘Shotgun Wedding’.

Lopez stars as Darcy, a successful and beautiful woman, and Duhamel as Tom, a lovable, but flailing man who tries to put on an Etsy-inspired wedding. Although the concept is frightening, ‘Shotgun Wedding’ is lighthearted. The bride, groom, guests and terrorists are dealt with with hand grenades and fire plots by the bride, groom,and their guests. While bullets may rain from machine guns, they never strike anyone of significant importance. Certified civilians deploy live hand grenades with ease and the creepily masked Pirates are bested by the bride & groom. Duhamel and Lopez, dressed in combat boots and a shredded gown, have a lot of fun. To send your full name, cell phone number, and answer to the question: [email protected]

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