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As it seeks a scapegoat to pin its corruption scandals, the European Parliament picked Morocco by issuing a hostile resolution that interferes with Morocco’s judiciary.

The resolution picked the cases of three journalists indicted on sexual assault charges to denounce Morocco for violating press freedom in a blatant disrespect for the victims as well as a disregard for the independence of Morocco’s judiciary.

This case of interference in the sovereign affairs of the EU’s most stable southern neighbor outraged Moroccan institutions, political class and the civil society.

The National Press Council rejected the resolution and its intent on politicizing human rights and press freedom to serve a political agenda hostile to Morocco’s interests.

The higher judicial council issued a statement condemning the resolution and the attempts by the European Parliament to influence Morocco’s judiciary.

It recalled the criminal character of the trials in which the three journalists had a fair trial on charges including human trafficking, sexual abuse and the exploitation of other persons’ vulnerability.

The resolution was also rejected by Moroccan political parties. It is characterized by a superiority complex, an interventionism that politicizes human rights and press freedom in order to advance a political agenda, and a superiority complex.

They warned of the repercussions of the European Parliament’s blackmail on ties with Morocco echoing earlier warnings by Morocco’s foreign minister who described such moves as a harassment undermining Morocco-EU partnership.

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