CHAN 2022: what to remember from the group stage

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End of the group stage. Place in the quarterfinals.

The CHAN 2022 quarterfinals will be held on Friday, January 27. Ivory Coast and Algeria, who are the hosts of the competition, will open the ball at 4 p.m. GMT. The second hour will see Senegal take on Mauritania in a West African duel. It promises sparks. The next day, Saturday 28, Madagascar-Mozambique (4 p.m. GMT) and Niger-Ghana (7 p.m. GMT) will determine the AS square for the 7th edition of the tournament. The eight teams competing for the four places to be taken fought hard to reach safety at the end 24 matches of round one, 21 if you exclude the three exits (virtual), of Morocco which were declared forfeit.

Algeria is, by all accounts, the most beautiful of the quarter-finalists. Fennecs have done a flawless job. They won the battle against the Knights of the Mediterranean Libyan and the Ethiopian Walya, both by a score of 1-0.

Madjid Bougherra’s men are the best defense for CHAN 2022 by keeping their sheets clean. They are on the same level as the Mauritanians in pool D and the Nigerians in pool E, who have played only two of the three groups.

21 matches, 40 goals

Madagascar also won a clear round. The Barea won the three points by beating successively the Black Stars (2-1) and Nile Crocodiles (3-0). They did not face Morocco (forfeit). The Malagasy have the best attack. The Bareas now have five goals, even if we subtract the three goals that were awarded for the withdrawal from the Atlas Lions. They gave two to the Black Stars (2-1), and three to Nile Crocodiles (3-0). Apart from the goals for Morocco forfeit, Senegal and Ghana are second with four pawns each.

40 goals were scored in three days and 21 matches, excluding matches with Morocco. This results in a rate of 1.90 goals per match. Five 0-0s were scored.

It’s a traffic jam at top of the ranking of scorers. Angolan Laurindo Aurelio Aurelio Depu, Algerian Aymen Mahaious, Senegalese Pape Dillo, Libyan Anis Mohammad Saltou and Malagasy Razafindranaivo KoloinaRandriantsiferanaTokinantenainaolivier tied for first, with two goals each. The Fennec, the Lion de la Téranga and the Bareas remain in the race.

Uganda is so close!

We will all remember the disappointments of being eliminated in the first round of Mali’s, DRC and Uganda. After a draw (3-3), against the Angolan Palencas Negras, and a loss (1-0) against Mauritanian Mourabitounes, the Eagles left. They were in a group (D), of three due to lack of luck.

After two goalless draws, against Côte d’Ivoire and Uganda, the DRC missed the qualification by being crushed (0-3) by Senegal during the last day of group B. The Leopards, winners of CHAN 2009 and 2016, failed to make a comeback to the front line.

After a draw against the DRC, and a valuable victory (1-0) against Senegal Uganda had a great chance to pass the first round CHAN. This was the sixth consecutive participation. But the Cranes capsized (1-3) against the Elephants of Côte d’Ivoire.

Eighteen (including Morocco at the beginning) were the CHAN teams. They then went to eight for knockout, the most serious phase. A double title holder was Morocco due to the succession.

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