CHAN 2022-Gr C: Madagascar and Sudan in search of the winning ticket

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The verdict of Group C of CHAN 2022 is expected to be delivered on Monday, January 23. The poster will be opposing Madagascar to Sudan. Both teams have the same goal: win and get on the qualifying wagon to the quarter-finals. Madagascar (1erThey can settle for a draw (or, 3 points). The Sudanese are adamant that they will win. Only victory could get them to the knockout stage after a 3-1 defeat to Ghana.

Sudan can count on the strong support of the president of Sudanese Football Federation to continue this CHAN. Moatasem jaafar has supported the players in the past. “The Sudanese team is able to show a nice performance, achieve victory and qualify for the next round “, he first underlined. He continues, “Our players are able reach the hopes and aspirations the Sudanese people. They can also overcome the harsh weather conditions and qualify at Madagascar’s expense. “. The match will take place at 7 p.m. GMT.

A match that could change everything

This CHAN 2022 Group A has a particularity. It brings together three teams following the morocco package. Madagascar, which had defeated Ghana on the 1st (2-1), was then exempted for the 2nd.ThDay when Ghana beat Sudan 3-1 The Malagasy can settle for a draw but will be eliminated if they lose by more than two goals. Ghana is, for its part. CAF has maintained the qualification of two selections at the second round.

In the quarter-finals at CHAN 2022, the first C from this group will face Mozambique. The match is scheduled to take place on Saturday, January 28. The second member of this group will face the first of group E on the same date.

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