CHAN 2022: explosive quarter-finals

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The group matches are over. It is now time for the cleaver meetings. This CHAN 2022 was inaugurated on January 23. Africa hummed to the rhythm of these emotions. The African Nations Championship was full of surprises, joys, and disappointments. Some selections will be able to retain their rank through qualifying, while others will need to pack their bags and return home.

Now it’s time for a quick review of the 21 matches played in this CHAN that led to 8 teams qualifying in the quarter-finals. The table has been set and the next opponents know what they can expect.


The FennecsLong shadow favorites

Algeria is the first group A to be selected in this CHAN 2022. It has demonstrated that it knows how manage a meeting. The FennecsThey have won all three of their meetings at home with a score of 1-0. It was enough to advance to the second round without conceding even the slightest goal. In the quarter-finals, the host country will face Côte d’Ivoire. The ElephantsLocals came in second place in Group B, behind Senegal. They finished second in Group B with 4 points (3 goals scored and 2 conceded), and went to forceps. They will have to fuel at home in Algeria, however.


Prognosis not allowed!

Who was there to wait for Niger in the quarterfinals of CHAN 2022 Perhaps the players of the MenaThey and their supporters. The bookmakers placed their bets in Pool E, where Cameroon was represented by Congo-Brazzaville. Indomitable LionsOnly one ticket. The Nigeriens however, defied all expectations to take the lead with 4 points (1 draw, 1 win). They will continue to surprise by inheriting Ghana. Except that the Ghanaians are so brilliant in this competition. They finished behind Madagascar with 6 points in Group C, but they have an attack which has already broken through the opposing defenses 7x. This is the second best ratio of tournament behind the Barea8 goals scored in Madagascar


A hot derby in perspective

Senegal is the leader of its group B and has thus held its rank. We were expecting them Teranga LionsThey showed their passion to win first place in their group. Despite their two victories and one loss in this CHAN 2022, the players under coach Pape Thyaw will still have a lot to work for Mauritania. The MourabitounesLeft behind (group D), Angola (2nd place, 2 points) & Mali (3rd place, 1 point) to climb the next stage.


Be careful Barea !

This is one the greatest satisfactions of the first round. It is not the greatest. Madagascar seduced. The three of them met on their three outings. BareaThis is a great game to watch on a football pitch. The Malagasy won three matches in this CHAN 2022. They scored 8 goals and were very successful in attack. The tournament’s best offensive line was indeed either of these. The defense was strong, as it only took one banderilla. They were able to acclaim the top spot in their group C. In the quarterfinals, they will face Mozambique with 4 units.


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