Police Station Set Ablaze In Bassa

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By: Reuben Bier

BUCHANAN-Angry citizens from Grand Bassa County set ablaze the St. John River City’s only Police Depot.

St. John River City can be found just a few kilometers from Buchanan City. This is the main City of Grand Bassa County in Republic of Liberia.

Angrily angry mobs accused Officers from the Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA), who were stationed at the Police Depot, of harassing one cyclist, which caused him drown in the St. John River.

It was reported that Justin Davis, a motorcyclist jumped into the river for fear of being arrested by the LDEA’s Officers.

Paul Davis, a brother and friend of Justin Davis, explained to me that his brother intentionally jumped into a river in fear of being arrested.

Paul stated that officers suspected them of possessing marijuana while they were making their way through to another destination. He did not deny this.

Justin Davis brother explained further why they tried to arrest them. His brother, however, decided to flee the scene and jump into the river out of fear. He has not been seen since the incident almost a week ago.

The Saint John River is one the six main rivers of Liberia, West Africa. Its headwaters are in neighboring Guinea.

The river flows mostly southwest through Liberia before it empties into Atlantic Ocean at Bassa Cove, near Edina in Grand Bassa County.

The river runs 175 miles (282 km) and has a drainage basin of 5,700 square mile (15,000 km2).

After the destruction of the Police Station and the burning of its Police Depot, Grand Bassa County’s joint security has launched a search warrant. Several others were also arrested. They are currently being held in the custody of the Liberia National Police Bassa Detachment.

Source: New republic liberia

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