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The Minister of Health Hon. Following the press conference by Hon. Edwin G. Dikoloti (16 January 2023), where he assured Botswana of the availability of more medications, the Ministry of Health received two consignments of medications. Just yesterday (23 January  2023), the ministry received  medications for conditions like hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes, mental diseases, skin diseases, asthma, scabies and malaria, among others. This consignment also included painkillers, iron supplements, oral contraceptives, antibiotics and other categories  of  essential medications  that  have been in short supply in the country.

The ministry received a large number of Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) batches on 20 January 2023. These are used to treat and prevent dehydration, and other diarrheal illnesses. The country will receive the next consignment by the end this week.

All the medications that have been delivered will be sent to all hospitals in the country by the end of next week. The ministry believes that the current shortages of medication in the country will subside with these deliveries.

Distributed by APO Group, Government of Botswana

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