ASIA/MALAYSIA – Catechesis week: The focus is on passing on the faith in families

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ASIA/MALAYSIA: Catechesis week: The focus of the week is on passing on faith in families

Kuala Lumpur (Agenzi Fides). The 2023 Catechetical Week focuses on the renewal of the Church, and the transmission of faith in Catholic families. It culminates in “Catechetical Sunday” in 2023. The Week was celebrated in all dioceses by the Malaysian Catechetic Commission, headed by Msgr. Julian Leow Beng Kim DD, Archbishop in Kuala Lumpur
The Archbishop expressed his gratitude to parish priests, coordinators, catechists, and all those involved with catechesis at different levels. He also expressed a special thought to parents: “Parents have responsibility to raise their kids in the faith.” This is why the Church asks parents to be their children’s teachers in religion. The Church has always had the family as the foundation for the ministry of catechesis,” stated the Archbishop in a message to Fides.
The message also addresses key questions such as why young people don’t go to the sacraments or to the parishes despite all efforts. Why are so few people interested in the life and faith of Jesus Christ? It is a mystery why many young people, after having completed the catechism to prepare for the sacraments, of First Communion, and Confirmation, do not continue in community life or give up their faith. In this context, the Archbishop emphasized the importance of “building an intimate relation with the Lord” and instilling in young persons a genuine sense fraternity and communion, centered around love for God.
The Archbishop says that although the questions we are asking are complex, it is clear that we all need each other to support young people and families in their faith.
The Catechetical Commission will publish materials for parents. This will not only stress the importance of family catechesis but will also assist parents in their journey to proclamation and formation with their children. It will give form and substance to family faith. This text will give parents practical tools and ideas to cultivate the Catholic faith in their family, starting with prayer. (PA) (Agenzia Fides, 24/1/2023)



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