AMERICA/PERU – Bishops propose to mediate and build bridges:”Violence extinguishes hope of finding just solutions to problems”

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AMERICA/PERU: Bishops propose to mediate, build bridges: “Violence extinguishes the hope of finding just solution to problems”


Lima (Agenzia Fides) – Yesterday, the number of victims of the anti-government demonstrations that have been bloodying Peru since December 7, when President Pedro Castillo was deposed and then arrested for attempted coup d’état, rose to 62. This post was appointed in accordance with the Constitution to the vice-president Dina Bouluarte. Protesters have used strikes and blockades to blockade roads, railroads, and airports and demanded that Boluarte resign and dissolve Congress.
Police sources claim that a police officer was taken hostage and held captive following yesterday’s clashes at La Joya. The country now has more than 1,200 injured, and there is significant property and structure damage. Protests and subsequent clashes between police officers have spread to nearly the entire country, including Lima, the capital. The Peruvian government declared an emergency for 30 days beginning January 15 in several regions. It also extended the curfew to Puno, the epicenter, of the unrest. President Boluarte however, has ruled out her resignation. (see Fides 10/1/2023).
Pope Francis spoke yesterday during the Angelus: “I invite you pray for an end the acts of violence Peru.” “Violence destroys hope for a just resolution to the problems. I encourage all involved to follow the path for dialogue between brothers from the same nation, with full respect of human rights and the rule law. I join the Peruvian bishops in saying: ¡No a la violencia, venga de donde venga! ¡No más muertes!”. The Pope also offered the same invitation during Sunday’s Angelus, December 18, 2022: “Let’s also pray for peace and stability in Peru so that violence ceases and that we can find a path to dialogue and overcome the social and political crisis that is affecting the country.”
The Peruvian bishops as well as representatives from the various faith communities in Peru (see Fides 23/12/2022) continue to call for dialogue as well as an end to violence. The document was published at the end the 124th Plenary Conference of the Bishops’ Conference and calls upon all political actors and authorities to find a solution to this serious crisis as well as to the “harsh, political and social confrontation” currently taking place. “To mediate and create bridges of encounter”, the bishops once again offer their services, because “the Church must truly be in solidarity with all humanity” and its history.
The message, entitled “Let Us Be Builders of Peace and Justice”, expresses sorrow at the violence unleashed, “because violent only generates violence,” for the deaths so many Peruvian siblings that “is a deep injury in the heart of the people”, and for all the civilian and police wounded. “This requires us to resolutely alter our course: We want peace!” The bishops write that they believe these atrocities must be punished and that the perpetrators must be found.
The Bishops’ Conference urges people to “stop encouraging polarization and to stop hurting each other”, as “this situation requires dialogue and listening, and decision making.” They urge all political actors and authorities to act responsibly to find a solution to this grave crisis. “It’s time to lift our heads and move towards reconciliation with justice. The country cannot continue to live in fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. Let us all take on the responsibility to rebuild Peru and also ask civil society for its help. (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 23/1/2023)



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