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Benjamin Cheboi, Baringo Governor, has called for international and local investors in order to build hospitality facilities within the County to capitalize on the opportunities offered by the Geopark status.

Speaking during this year’s edition of Kaldich festival in Kampi Ya Samaki on the shores of Lake Baringo, Mr Cheboi said the new GeoPark status will generate a great potential in the tourism sector.

“We have an investment opportunity for hotels here, we are calling on investors to put up hotels here so that tourists can visit this area and also conference tourism which we can provide better services than even Naivasha,” said Cheboi.

The governor also pointed out that the area has many tourist attractions, such as snake parks, hotsprings in Lake Baringo, Bogotia and Kaldich water activities, as well bird watching.

“We will also expand the Kaldish water sports and make it a national event, through this tourism money will flow to the county and people of Baringo will create wealth,” added Governor Cheboi.

Baringo is a peaceful county, the governor stated that the largest part of the county is peaceful and prospers in agriculture and tourism.

“This Kaldich water festival unites us as the community living in Baringo and we will continue to hold it every year,” assured Cheboi.

The Governor stated that the lake has a fishery worth close to Sh750m and that value addition can bring it to billions of dollars.

Cheboi pledged to build landing beaches and a factory for fish processing along with foreign investors.

“We as the county government will recruit fisheries officers in the area so as to boost as well as conserve fishing in the area,” said the governor.

While thanking the Kaldich festival organizers, Felix Kipngok, his Deputy, asked Baringo residents to keep peace in all areas.

Vincent Kemboi, Baringo County Assembly Speaker, praised the sport as a unique activity that could attract a lot of tourists.

“We go all the way in Lamu to view donkey competition, yet ours is very unique and with a lot of attractions, I urge the county government to expand the festival by adding more cultural competition and have it two to three times in a year,” added the speaker.

Wesley Lekakimon is an area member of County Assembly and called for the improvement of Kampi Samaki’s town to attract tourists. He said it was a cosmopolitan zone with Turkana, Tugen Pokot, Illchamus communities coexisting together.

The Kaldich festival is the precursor to the three-day Baringo Cultural Festival, which culminates in goat sales at the Kimalel Goat Auction.

Residents flocked to the lake to enjoy the water sport. There are sections that have been infested by snakes, hippos, crocodiles and other reptiles.

The key attraction was the senior women category where an elderly woman Miriam Lepene of Kokwo Island Beach wade off stiff competition to emerge the winner.

He was followed by Talailosilo and Lachapii Lowi, both from Komolion Beach. Samuel Kiplagat of the Loruk Beach won both the youth and senior men categories.

ClestineYatich from Loruk won the Kaldich race in the Women Youth category, while Silas Loweri from Lake Baringo Beach Association won motor boat category.

Each category winner received Sh8000 cash prize money and a trophy donated by Safaricom and Baringo County Government. First and second runners up were awarded Ksh.6000 each.

After a two-year break caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, the event is back.

Baringo County is known for its key tourist attractions, such as the hot springs and water geysers in the two Lakes Baringo and Bogoria.

Bird watching is possible with hundreds of different species. There are also other wildlife attractions such as the Zebra or Ostrich in Ruko Conservancy, which is located on Lake Baringo.

By Christopher Kiprop

Source: kenyanews

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