World Cup 2022: how much are referees paid in Qatar?

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The World Cup meeting in Qatar will see 36 field referees as well as 69 assistant referees. 24 video assistant referees are from the six confederations of International Federation of Association Football (FIFA). They will officiate 64 matches. Between November 20th and December 18th 2022. As you can see, these officials also receive a salary for their work. So how much do they earn?

FIFA has charged a fee for each assistant referee and a fee for central referees of 68,000 euros since the 2018 World Cup.

Qatar’s central referees make 2,881 euros per match in the group stage, and 9,604 euros for knockout matches and the final. The 2,400 euro per match for the group stage matches will be paid to the assistant referees, while the 4,800 euros per match for knockout and final elimination matches will be paid to them.

The introduction of VAR referees (video assistant referees) has been the most significant change in football rules over the past few years. The VAR referees chosen for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar will earn 2,881 euro per game, and their bonuses will rise to 4,802 euros in the final stage.

This year’s World Cup will mark the first time in football history that female referees will officiate matches. FIFA decided to take the initiative after reviewing the performance of female referees within the various Member Association Leagues. Three (03) match referees will take place on the plane: Yamashita Yoshimi (Japan), Salima Mukansanga (Rwanda) and Stéphanie Frappart (France) while three (03) assistant referees are also part of the pool: Neuza Back (Brazil) , Karen Diaz Medina (Mexico) and Kathryn Nesbitt (USA). They will be eligible for the same bonuses as men.


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