Qatar, the infirmary, Mendy, young people…, Aliou Cissé explained himself at a press conference

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The team returns to the wall

Despite defeat, the group still lives well. There is a lot of learning. Senegal was quite good. We were able to stand up to one the most successful teams in the world, ranked eighth on the FIFA rankings with world-class players. I am very happy with my players. Tomorrow’s match against Qatar is very important for both teams. In competitions at this level, you can lose your first match and then be back at the wall the second match. It is up to us to focus and remember how we got out of it when our backs were against the wall.


We have two boys who came out on injury Abdou Diallo and Cheikhou Kouyaté. Yesterday AbdouDiallo resumed training and apparently things are going well. Ballo-Touré has resumed the race but he will be unavailable tomorrow. Cheikhou Abdou resumed yesterday Cheikhou. I hope he will resume today’s race. We’ll watch and see how it goes. For the moment the uncertainty remains especially on the case of Kouyaté. We also hope that Cheikhou Kouyaté will be ready.

Start of competition

A defeat happens. We had the opportunity to start all our competitions with the win of the first match. We won the first match in Russia. The rest is history. Today I can see why some doubt us. The players I manage want me to continue, to make history for Senegalese supporters. This is an opportunity for us to reach out and encourage our supporters to believe in our team. We want to please people.

It is possible to lose a game, but the content can be good. It has been. I was very disappointed for the boys as we deserved to win. Will there be any changes? Tomorrow will be the day. I can tell you that there won’t be revolution.

Edward Mendy

Edward is fine. Edward is a strong-minded boy. As I do with many of our players, we had to talk with him. Edouard’s qualities cannot be doubted. Although he is a boy going through difficult times, I have no doubt that he has my full support and that of his teammates. Tomorrow he will be on field.


Every game is different. Tomorrow’s game will be different. Today, I am confident that we have the offensive ability to score goals. It is something that I am confident in. It is essential to be efficient. This efficiency is about the mind, the behavior, and the ability to be a little more aggressive in front of the goals to make them happen. Tomorrow we will have the chance to score. First and foremost, it is important to win this match. Will it be on a river score, or? I am not lacking humility or respect for the Qatari team. Winning will propel us forward and will give us more hope for better preparations for the match against Equator.


Although experience is important, it’s Asia and Africa that are the two greatest. This game will be intense and important. Two teams facing each other, and must win points. Experience is important. These matches were part of our 7-year course. We were able to manage them and play them well. While we wait for tomorrow’s match, we are calm and serene.

Victor BAGAYOKO of Doha

Source: sportnewsafrica

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