Morocco’s King reaffirms autonomy as only solution to Sahara issue – The North Africa Post

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King Mohammed VI received UN chief Antonion Guterres to whom he reiterated Morocco’s steady position to settle the regional dispute over the Sahara on the basis of the autonomy initiative.

Morocco has proposed the autonomy initiative under their sovereignty in 2007 as a win/win solution to the Algerian-fabricated conflict.

The talks also raised resolution 2654, a resolution of the UN Security Council that was adopted in Oct 2022.

In this context, the King reaffirmed his support for Stafan de Mistura, UN Sahara Special Envoy, and for the peace-keeping mission MINURSO.

Guterres thanked the King for the success of the Alliance of Civilizations’ 9th forum in Fez and commended the commitment of the sovereign to the values of openness, tolerance and dialogue.

He also highlighted Morocco’s contribution to peace keeping and stability and development promotion on the African continent.

The meeting was attended by Miguel Graca, Special Adviser to UN Secretary-General, and Nasser Bourita, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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