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At last weekend’s prizegiving, DTS hockey club’s sportsman/women of the year awards were won by DJ Strauss (NATIONAL goalkeeper) and Petro Stoffberg (DTS hockey club’s sportman/woman of the Year).

Strauss is the current captain for the Namibian men’s basketball team. They recently lost 3-1 in an indoor series to South Africa in Windhoek. While they are preparing for the 2023 Indoor World Cup, Pretoria, South Africa.

Stoffberg is a key player in the Namibian women’s Indoor team that is the current African champions. South Africa was also defeated 2-1 in recent indoor series.

DTS’s women’s team was very successful after winning both the Bank Windhoek indoor and outdoor hockey league titles.

However, the men’s finished fourth in both indoor and outdoor leagues.

These were the other winners:

U10 Development Players of the Year: Wiehann Piterse and Cornell Dreyer

Marzel Boshoff (U12 Development) and Pieter Boshoff (U12 Development) are the year’s top players.

Marlene Coetzee, Enzo Martins were named U14 Development player and year.

U16 Development player: Kerrin Gillies, Gihan Voight

Most practises attended: Daan Janse van Rensburg and Mouesanao Kandjoze.

Most improved premier league male player: Julian Schütz

Most improved premier league female player: Xena Martins

Most improved male first league player: Daan Janse van Rensburg.

Jessica Gresse is the most improved female player in the first league.

Michael Gillies is the most popular goela winner among men.

Caitlin Gilies scored most goals for women.

Most valuable premier league male player: Christopher D’Alton.

Most valuable premier league female player: Caitlin Gillies.

WJ Dreyer is the most valuable player in the first league.

Jana Theron was the most valuable female player in the first league.

Christopher D’Alton is the best male player

Most outstanding female player: Kerrin Gillies.

Allissa Botha is the winner of the Love of The Game Award.

Anthea Coetzee, junior sportsperson of the Year

Petro Stoffberg is the Goalkeeper of The Year.

Most deserving club member: Isabeau Malan.

Family trophy: The Pieterse clan.

Young star award: Marlene Coetzee.

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