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Responding to questions by police about Ketakandriana Rafitoson, Executive Director of Transparency International Initiative Madagascar, (TI-MG), this afternoon, Muleya Muwananyanda, Regional director for Amnesty International East and Southern Africa Regional Office, said,

“The Madagascar authorities must refrain from the misuse of the justice system to harass and intimidate human rights defenders. Ketakandriana’s work has merely been to expose serious allegations about corruption, fraud, money laundering.

“The summons and questioning of Ketakandriana on accusations including “abusive and slanderous denunciations” is clearly intended to send a chilling message and intimidate human rights defenders in Madagascar.”

The police referred the case to the public prosecutor and Ketakandriana and TI_MG’s Chairperson, Dominique Rakotomalala, will appear before the public prosecutor for questioning on the accusations on Thursday, 24 November.

Background information

Ketakandriana was summoned to make a statement by the head of central services for fighting against forgery fraud and falsification at the premises of Antanarivo, capital Madagascar, on 23 November. The accusation filed by the Groupement des Exportateurs des Litchis (GEL) against Ketakandriana Rafitoson follows the denounces of potential infractions of corruption, fraud and money laundering in the lychee sector filed by TI-MG on 10 November at Antananarivo’s Anticorruption Court.

In recent years, Malagasy authorities increased the persecution of whistleblowers and human rights defenders. Jeannot was convicted and sentenced to a judicial trial. RandriamananaRavo RamasomananaRalevaClovis RazafimalalaThey were exposed to serious corruption allegations and human rights violations. Many potential whistle-blowers in Madagascar face unjust treatment because they exercise their human rights. For any country that wants transparency, accountability, respect and respect of human rights, it is essential to protect whistle-blowers.

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