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The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has embarked on a public campaign to sensitize Kenyans about child protection from exposure to harmful content by fronting the second phase of the ‘FormNiSafi” Public Service Vehicle (PSV) clean awards.

KFCB, a state agency established to regulate the creation, broadcasting, possession, distribution and exhibition of films in the country, is geared towards ensuring that content conforms to Kenya’s cultural values and protect children from exposure to inappropriate content.

Christopher Wambua, KFCB’S acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) said that the awards are meant to encourage Public Service Vehicle (PSV) operators to exhibit appropriate content to ensure that children who use PSVs are not exposed to adult material.

The campaign, which is running for eight consecutive weeks through KFCB’s social media platforms, involves members of the public voting for PSV drivers and conductors exhibiting clean content in their vehicles.

“PSV crew that will emerge winners in the campaign will be awarded a token Sh10, 000 alongside other awards from other partners including PSV Saccos,” stated Wambua.

He assured that the Board, through its regional offices, and in collaboration with relevant agencies, will intensify monitoring and inspection to ensure that minors do not enter video dens, which is a widespread vice during school holidays.

Wambua also appreciated that parenting in an increasingly digital world has become a difficult task for many parents and guardians. He explained that KFCB will soon launch a Parental Digital Literacy program (PaDiL), in collaboration with relevant partner.

“This Program that targets parents and caregivers also aims at promoting responsible digital parenting viewing practices among consumers of online content, especially children,” added Wambua.

He said PaDiL is meant to empower parents with skills on how to monitor and guide children on content access through various digital platforms as well as enhance parents’ awareness on emerging technologies.

Wambua disclosed that the Board will on Friday November 25, 2022 publish a public notice in the press to sensitize the industry on the validated administrative decision on redefining the role of Film Agents in Kenya and the KFCB’s intention to implement it.

“The role of Film Agents shall be restricted to the provision of logistical support services to foreign film and television producers,” he reiterated.

According to the acting CEO of KFCB, foreign film and television producers will be granted filming licenses by KFCB through film agents. However, local filmmakers will be issued filming licenses directly through Film Agents.

By Isaac K’Obonyo

Source: kenyanews

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