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Ms. Senait Mehari (Socio-Economic Service at National Union of Eritrean Women) reported that the union is working with partners to improve the economic capabilities of its members.

Ms. Senait indicated that the union had been organizing vocational training programs, including weaving, driving, music, and catering, and that they are creating the conditions necessary to allow them to bring their products to market.

Ms. Senait noted that among the drivers who were trained include 43 members from the Eritrean Defense Forces and 20 Civil Aviation personnel. 23 of these employees work at Harat Transportation Company.

Ms. Senait also stated that members from Anseba and Gash Barka are receiving training in weaving, while members in the Central Region are receiving training in photography, painting and editing.

Ms. Senait continued by saying that the practice of Female Genital Mutilation, which was more than 95% in 1995, has been reduced to 33% for those under 15 years and 12% for those under 5.

Ms. Senait stated that the union awards each year to outstanding female students.

Ms. Senait says that from 1996 to 2015, more than 47 million Nakfa loans have been distributed to around 14 thousand members of the country.

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