2022 World Cup-Youssouf Hadji: “A good result to start”

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This Wednesday, Croatia defeated Morocco (0-0) in Al Khor. This result pleased Youssouf Hadji who was the former striker for the Atlas Lions (42 year old, 64 caps).

Morocco held Croatia in check, which is not a minor performance…

I’m sure all Moroccans would sign before the match for such an amount. A draw against the vice-world champion is a positive result. He departs to Atlas lionsEven though Canada and Belgium are difficult matches, the door is open for consideration of a qualification for round 2.

We played a close game…

Yes. I must admit that I expected much better from Croatia. Although she is technically excellent and has good control, I found her less strong than 2018 despite that. Although there weren’t many chances, it turned out to be a balanced game. To me, the draw seems logical. But I believe that Morocco could have done better at times. He didn’t have many chances. In this case, we must try to be more decisive as Saudi Arabia did against Argentina (2-1). The gestures and dribbles were often too strong, almost as if we wanted to get the ball in the goal.

“We see that Ziyech lacks Competition”

How do you analyze Hakim Ziyech’s performance in the offensive sector?

We see that he lacks competition, that he has played very little in recent months with Chelsea… He started well, offering a few good balls, but he gradually died out. But he is a player that can change a match by a single gesture. He proved this with a brilliant lob against Georgia (3-0) ZiyechIt is important to leave it on a flat surface, even if you don’t see much of it. I believe he will gain strength.

Defensively, Morocco held up well…

Yes, the defense played a solid and solid game. The Croats weren’t given many chances. The team should be better, especially in the first restart. There was also some technical waste from both sides. We must remember that preparations were very brief and that Morocco had a new coach in August. Walid Regragui also called or recalled players who needed to learn how to play together.

On Sunday, Morocco faces Belgium, which is the favourite of this group…

It will be difficult, but I believe the Belgian game, which can be very aggressive, can work well for Morocco. It will be crucial to understand how to take advantage the spaces that Belgium will leave.


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