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In strategic partnership with Keste Damena Foam & Beyond and D!NK Multimedia Plc, Design Week Addis Ababa (DWAA), the leading creative festival in East Africa, is set to take place in Ethiopia’s capital next week.

The programs feature events from a variety disciplines and include a diverse range of creative collaborators and partners. November 21st – 27th, 2022 will mark the fifth local edition of the annual Design festival, a multi-disciplinary event that celebrates innovation across a variety of industries, including technology, fashion and textiles, food and gastronomy, architecture and urban planning, industrial design and interiors, visual communication, as well as, art and multimedia.

DWAA was created by Metasebia Yoseph (author and creative director) in 2014 to promote Addis Ababa’s status of a global design capital. It also advocates for the implementation of projects that incorporate a design-centered approach to Ethiopia’s development challenges, which Metasebia Yoseph describes as, “development by design.”

DWAA was launched in 2015 and has been invited to host at the London Design Festival, Downtown Design, and Dubai Design Week. DWAA is also a member at the World Design Weeks, which will increase its international reach. Various International Design Week
DWAA festival in Addis Ababa has also seen participation from organizations from Africa. Design Week Addis Ababa (DWAA) has become a unique “destination event” for Ethiopia attracting visitors from around the world to experience this multidisciplinary festival.

This year DWAA It continues to support the creative community with lectures, workshops and trainings that increase the true potential of African ingenuity. Design Week Addis Ababa is made possible through cooperative partnerships with both local and international organizations including strategic partnerships with: Keste Damena, D!NK Multimedia, Kinetic Dawn Multimedia, TOMOCA COFFEE, Creative Hub Ethiopia, The Urban Center, William Grant & Sons LTD, Awash Winery, Selamta Magazine, What’s Out! Addis, and many other partners.

As well as, creative collaborations with Elite Events, Numek, We Décor, Village, Atmosphere, LinkUp Addis, Kuncho Studio, Tilla Africa, Contemporary Gojo, Hub of Africa Fashion Week, 1Take Photography, and Se_Ne Design Studio, and Mehon Leather.

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