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The joy of clinking glasses, hearty laughter, and the merry sound they make AfrobeatsThe cool September evening at Rue Marconi Zone 4 was filled with music. It is a posh business area in Abidjan, the Ivorien port. The vibrantly lit venue hosted a diverse group of well-dressed individuals who were celebrating the grand launch of an innovative new facility. Africana X ( flagship store – the first of its kind outside of Nigeria.

The establishment of this new store in Abidjan reflects the culture of French-speaking West Africa. Africana ( brand made significant statement of intent – that they are taking the lead in the movement to propagate African fashion on a global scale.

Perhaps, this explains the fanfare and overwhelming outpouring of goodwill that greeted the event by friends and the teeming fans of the brand, both at the venue and online, across the brand’s social media platforms. This ceremony was more than a celebration of African excellence. It was also a milestone for many who follow, collaborate with, or admire Africana Couture. Africana Couture’s ( masterplan to redefine what African fashion is, and ultimately rebrand Africa.

Africana Couture is the brand

Birthed by a vision to put African fashion on the world map, Africana’s focus was to change the way traditional African attire was perceived locally and internationally. To achieve this, the strategy was simple: combine the uninhibited creativity of African design ideas with the very best tailoring methods/technology, and then top it off by unwavering dedication to excellence in service delivery and process execution.

This strategy has proven to be extremely effective over the past 10 years. This is evident in the fact that Africana Couture (, boasts amongst its clientele, a wide assortment of presidents, industry leaders, celebrities and expatriate connoisseurs of great fashion, who are enamoured with the brand’s consistent track record of distinctive excellence.

However, inclusion is one of the core edicts for the Africana brand. Therefore, it was imperative to create a way to involve more people whose tastes may not be as discerning as the usual bespoke traditional offerings. Africana X.

Africana X (or Africana Xperience) (, is a subdivision AfricanaA corporation that offers ready to wear pieces at affordable prices in its physical boutiques and on the e-marketplace disrupts the market for bespoke fashion. Africana XperienceThis service caters to sophisticated people who want to be able to enjoy the sartorial standard of bespoke tailoring without the wait time usually required.

To take its maxim of inclusivity even further, Africana XIts primary offering of traditional pieces is not all that it offers. With the Africana Heritage collection ( offers streetwear that pays tribute to Icons of African History; the Africana Traditional Bags & Clan Scarf collection offer premium ancillary items; and even sneaker heads will be pleased to know that the store stocks a variety of specially crafted sneakers.

The Africana X ( store expands the range of the brand’s service delivery potential from just luxury fashion to luxurious lifestyle, and in service of the promise of the brand’s moniker, has become a curator of the luxurious side of the African experience.

The passion, dedication, and creativity of the over 150-strong team at Africana are the keys to the brand’s incredible success. However, without the vision, leadership, and design of Charles ‘Africana’ Oronsaye (

Charles Oronsaye, The Man

Despite a promising career and a degree in Law, Charles Oronsaye (, the founding creative director of Africana Couture ( decided early on to follow his own path and stray from the established paths. He is a rebellious, independent man who knew that conforming to societal expectations would not suit him. So, he took a short detour in music to find his way to fashion.

Charles was born in Benin City, Nigeria. He had a very clear vision of what he wanted to build. Charles was a young university graduate in the early 2010s. He was able to spot opportunities, which was in this case the social media following that he had built over his time in media. In the absence financial capital, he used his social capital as a leverage to build a network that included clients, partners, and staff.

Charles operates exclusively via his social media platform. This enabled him to learn the trade through his perseverance, creativity, friendly personality, and ability adapt and evolve. A decade later, the young, daring man with big dreams is replaced by a Forbes entrepreneur and inspiration for a new generation.

According to him, the key to the brand’s success is his dedication to the principles that inspired the mission. This is illustrated by his commitment to the vision, even though he has brought together some of the best minds to help him realize this dream.

The fact that the name is, Africana is interchangeably used to identify the man and the brand is testament to Charles’ hands-on approach to doing business and his determination to ensure the brand stays true to its founding edicts.

Under his leadership and guidance, Africana Couture has transformed into more than just a fashion label selling men’s clothing. It is now widely recognized as a lifestyle and aspirational brand, which curates the most exciting version of Africa’s experience – one of elegance, minimalism, and consistent excellence.

Abidjan today; Tomorrow the world (After Abidjan: What Next?) (

Following the launch of African X in Abidjan, plans are underway to replicate the success of Africana’s private tailoring business model in Dakar, Senegal, the style capital of French West Africa, and an even more audacious campaign to plant seeds in the original concrete jungle, New York City by the end of the year.

It is strategically important to expand the brand into New York City, as the Big Apple is not just a fashion capital but also a hub for global commerce. It makes sense to establish a shop in New York City and then spread the brand’s tendrils throughout Europe, Americas, and eventually Asia.

Africana beyond fashion (

Africana has evolved into an industry leader over the last decade. Credited with making important contributions to Africa’s fashion ecosphere, such creating the first-ever African measuring template that takes into account factors that are unique to Africa and which were largely ignored by the dimensions suggested by the west fashion industry.

Africana’s role as an industry gatekeeper means that other brands can compare their progress to it. It also serves as a beacon for newcomers looking for direction and is a beacon of light.

Africana Smart HQ is a mover in real estate, and it has made bold strides in fashion.

The brand’s social awareness/philanthropic efforts are also well balanced. They have created a fund for the welfare and assistance of children and women who are in desperate need and ensure that Covid-19 rules are followed in all their dealings.

Africana H2O is a brand that sells bottled water in select locations across Africa. It aims to emphasize the importance and accessibility to safe drinking water for all.

Final words

Africa is experiencing a renaissance, which has largely been supported by the creative industries within the continent. This afrocentric wave has increased love for and influence over most things Afroculture. The world is paying more attention to Africa. It’s no longer a destination for pity or charity. Instead, it’s a source of inspiration and new ideas.

This paradigm shift has many benefits, and ambassadors such as Charles Oronsaye ( and his band of merry innovators at Africana Couture ( can be sure that the African story is about to get a happy and beautiful end with the new movement of ()

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