Doping: The Kenyan federation takes strong measures

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Lilian Kasait Rengeruk has been pinned for doping. The Letrozole, a hormone substance, was found in the 5000 m specialist. The athlete also admitted to the truth. The sanction was quickly lifted. For doping, she was suspended for ten months. She will be 25 years old when she returns to the slopes in February 2023.Given how quickly the Athlete admitted the anti-doping rule violations upon notification…the parties agree that the period of Ineligibility will be backdated.” A former world under-18 3000m champion, Rengeruk finished 12th in the 5000m final at the Olympics last year. All his results from January 20, 2021 to this date have been cancelled.

Lilian Kasait Rengeruk, a Kenyan, has been banned for doping since July. Lawrence Cherono (2019 winner of the Chicago and Boston marathons), was banned from the World Athletics Championships due to doping.

The kenya athletics federation (ak)We had taken new steps to combat this scourge. From October 1, Athletics Kenya will begin registration of athletics training camps, including details of all staff residing there and their respective roles vis-à-vis athletesAK’s Sept. 7 statement. ” Athletics Kenya has reactivated the intelligence and investigation unit in the hope of dismantling cartels, and taking the war against doping to a higher level.The new rules also require coaches who work with Kenyan athletes that they have the necessary certificates and licenses. They must also inform authorities of their contact information.

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