Basket-Mondial (F) 2022: Mali put to the test of the “big ones”

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The World Cup opens in Mali this Thursday, September 22. The Eagles of Mali’s objective is to do better than Nigeria or Senegal. The Lady Tigers had reached the quarter-finals and finished in the 8Th square. This is the highest performance of African women’s basket basketball in the World Cup. The Lionesses of Senegal had reached eightThFinal before finishing 12Th Out of 16 teams

The Malians are taking part at their 2nd mission. It is a huge undertaking.Th final phase after 2010. They were drafted after Nigeria withdrew for 2 years from international competitions (the Nigerian central state reversed its decision but FIBA ​​had already chosen Mali, Editor’s note). Mali, who is in group B with France, Serbia and Japan, Canada, Australia, and Australia, will be striving to do better than these 15 countries.ThPlace was acquired twelve years back.

Mali in a strong group…

The Malian selection is playing Japan in its 8th match.ThWorld Cup, including the 4Th successive. NinTh in the FIBA ​​rankings, the Japanese finished 2th1975. Thirty-seventh in the FIBA ​​rankings, Mali is supposedly the weakest team in the tournament and therefore in its group.

The Eagles will play Australia (Friday 23), after Japan. Australians are 3Th They are ranked in the top 100. They play their 16ThFinal phase (15 rank participations). In 2006, Australia was the champions

SixTh in the FIBA ​​rankings, France is 3thMali opponent (Sunday 25). The workforce of Les Bleues was renewed under the Jean-Aimé Toupane era. The Eagles can rely on the experience of Kankou Koulibaly and Touty Gandéga who play in France and know European basketball well.

The draw does not spoil Malians. They will only face the basketball nations of this group B. After France, Australia, and Japan, the 2021 African vice champions will face Serbia on Monday 26th, 10Th in the FIBA ​​rankings. The Serbs have a 3ThThey participated in consecutive events (2014, 2018 & 2022). They had finished 8Th2014

Canada (Tuesday 27), 4ThWho plays his 12 worldwide?ThFinal phase. Canada was ranked 3Th1979

Mali will have a lot to do to get out of this group. His opponents are familiar with these games. However, the World Cup could serve as a good preparation for Afrobasket 20,23. Mali is targeting a 2nd place finish.ThSince his coronation 2007 in Senegal, he holds the title of continental champion.

Griner’s shadow…

We find the United States as group A. They are 10 times world champions including 3 consecutive times (2010-2014 and 2018). There are also China, South Korea, Puerto Rico, Bosnia and Herzegovina and China.

Olympic champions, Americans will be eagerly anticipated and will also play Brittney GrinerFor a case of cannabis trafficking, he was imprisoned in Russia.

This 19ThEdition brings together 12 nations against 16 in 2018. The quarter-finals will be decided by the top four groups.


Composition of groups

Group A:Belgium, China and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Puerto Rico, South Korea, United States

Group B: France, Serbia, Japan, Mali, Canada, Australia

Qualified nations (list, FIBA ​​rank, number of appearances)

Australia2006 champion, 16 appearances. (ranked 15th), 3eFIBA ranking

United States: 10 times champion, 18 appearances (16 consecutively), Olympic champions, 1erFIFA ranking

Bosnia and Herzegovina : 1Time turnout, 27eFIBA ranking

Canada : 12 participations (5 consecutively), 3eIn 1979 and 1986, 4eglobal

Japan : 2eIn 1975, 9eFIFA ranking, 8 participations (4 consecutively)

China : 11 entries, 2eIn 1994, 7eGlobal

France : 11e participation (6 rank), 3eIn 1953, 6eFIBA ranking

South Korea : 16 participations, 14eworld 2eBetween 1967 and 1979

Serbia: 3 Participations (2014, 2018, 2022), 8,e 2014, 10eFIBA ranking

Belgium: 2 entries (2018 & 2022), 4eIn 2018, 5eglobal

Porto Rico : 17eWorldwide, 2 participations (2018 & 2022), 16e2018

mali : 2 entries, 37eGlobal 15e2010


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