Snowe Defends Weah

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BY: Washington Tumay Watson –

MONROVIA – A long-time friend of President George M. Weah’s, Bomi County Senator Edwin M. Snowe defended President Weah’s decision to boycott an honoring program held by Liberians in Philadelphia or Rhode Island.

Liberians within Philadelphia and Rhode Island located in the United State of America were prepared to honor President Weah due to his leadership role play during   the coronavirus pandemic that took the lives of many Liberians.

Talking on Spoon Talk,   the Bomi County Lawmaker  who  is a strong supporter for the re-election of President Weah said,  due  to a constitutional obligation  that President Weah  has  to implement,   he was not going  to be in the position  to grace  the event .

He said, President Weah will have to quickly return after the United Nations General Assembly   to institute the constitutional mandate during   the taking over of the New Chief Justice of Liberia.

Senator Snowe  said   the Liberian Leader  will have  a time  to meet with his people  in December  when  he returns  to  the United State  to  honor  the American Government’s invitation.

Senator Snowe admitted that those who are responsible for President Weah’s   Communications should be in the position   to inform the public concerning the activities of the President.

He  said,  due  to  the friendship  with President Weah over  the years makes him  to know  the kind of person  President Weah  in the area of honoring  called by  Liberians.

“When Weah was private citizen   he visited Liberians at  refugee camps , even  in America   he visited Liberians  but for  this ,  the President will not want  to violate  the constitution , so in December,  the President will honor any program   by Liberians in the USA “, he said.

A related development was that Senator Snowe clarified his belief that he was not denied entry by the America Embassy as was rumored.

According to him, when President Weah asked him to accompany him at the UNGA, he (Snowe) consented and sends his diplomatic passport to the protocol and was sent to the American   Embassy for the visa.
He further disclosed that due to his role at the Economic Community States of West Africa Parliament, he received communication to defend the budget for the parliament’s role in the upcoming 2023 elections in three African countries.

Snowe told the media that he communicated to the Minister of Foreign Affairs that he was not going to be part of the President’s delegation due to his task to perform in defending the budget in Benin.

Source: New republic liberia

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