Berlin-Eliud Kipchoge Marathon: “I am the best”

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Eliud Kikoge will be back on Sunday, September 25, after being absent from the roads following his coronation in Tokyo last month. The Berlin Marathon will see the Kenyan legend. The double Olympic champion promises to give it all.

Eliud Kipchoge participates in the berlin marathonThis Sunday, September 25, 2010. The German city already has the Kenyan legend. The double Olympic gold medalist in Kenya hopes to set an honorable record.I want to run a great race, no matter if it’s a world record or a personal best.“, the Kenyan told reporters Saturday, September 17.

Kipchoge will roam the streets in Berlin on Sunday, September 25, seeking to go faster than his world record 2h01mn39s.I don’t think I will run for less that two hours.“, he confided. He had run in Vienna for 1h59mn40s and was the first man to do so under 2 hours. This “world record” was not approved.

Kipchoge has lost only twice in his 18 marathons. The 37-year old Kenyan is expected to win a fourth title next Sunday. Guye Adola will be his defending champion. Adola was almost beaten by him in 2017’s final meters. He will face Guye Adola, the defending champion of the London Marathon, who was almost beaten by him in 2017.I’m the greatest… I’m going to Berlin to run a great race that will inspire everyone who loves marathons. “, he promises.

Eliud Kipschoge is a strong believer in his abilities and does not fear competition. He has shown in all of his races that he can shift gears, and swing the tightest races in favor of his abilities. I don’t go on Google to see how people run or YouTube to see how people race. I believe that I am doing the right things at the right times. I treat myself on the line like the one who has been well trained. I understand that things can happen, but I respect the training I have received.. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, September 25th at 7 a.m. GMT.

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