Morocco: two months before the World Cup, the Atlas Lions have back pain

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The World Cup is approaching and Morocco’s defensive strength has been questioned. In addition to Romain Saïss’ average performances with Besiktas, Nayef Aguerd’s injury, Adam Masina’s package and Achraf Dari’s recent difficulties with Brest, goalkeeper Yassine Bounou takes a lot of goals with Sevilla FC.

Our correspondent in Morocco

Morocco has a bad back: Nayef Aguerd is still injured, goalkeeper Yassine Bounou is no longer sovereign in his goals and Romain Saïss shows signs of feverishness (from left to right).

Morocco’s workforce looks ready for the 2022 World Cup. Two months before the competition (Qatar: November 20 to December 18), some Atlas Lions executives are in trouble. These are mostly for the base men. They are no longer able to provide solid guarantees. Problem: A decline in form at club that has not improved from the start of the season.

The first of the base men who worry is captain Romain Saïss, who joined Besiktas this summer. The former rock of Wolverhampton doesn’t show the same strength in Turkey as it does in England. Some Moroccans criticize his performances.

Brest (Ligue 1). is not doing much better for Achraf Dari. However, the Atlas Lions fans are not lenient with Achraf Dari, putting his bad patch down to an essential period in adaptation-learning. But they are still strict with the captain of selection. At 32, Saïss, who remains a safe bet in the selection, will therefore have to quickly find his verve to recover his credibility with the Moroccan public.

Bounou is not covered by insurance.

Masina is a solid defender, but not very focused on attacking, so Walid Regragui, Morocco’s coach, chose to bet on two Botola Pro D1 players: Yahya ATTIAT Allah and Hamza El Mussaoui. Both of these full-backs can be referred to as left-handed. Although they have already done great things on Africa’s scene, they still need the ability to demonstrate their quality against great selections.

The return of Nayef Agard to form is also an issue for the Atlas Lions. The West Ham defender has often formed a solid pair with Saïss. The automatisms have been established between the two men. He has little time to get back in his saddle and join his captain, once again protecting Yassine Bounou’s last rampart.

Seville’s doorman is still undoubtedly one the most respected in the world at his job. As the World Cup nears, his morale is the most important concern. Bounou is not as confident now that he has scored 10 goals in the last four games.

Certainly, the defense of Sevilla FC has been decimated with the transfers this summer of two of its pillars: Jules Koundé (FC Barcelona) and Diego Carlos (Aston Villa). The best goalkeeper in La Liga last season shows signs of feverishness. In preparation against Arsenal, Bounou had already conceded six goals. This is a sign that this season promises to be difficult. Bounou, who was not in place this Wednesday, September 14, in the Champions League, will need to quickly bounce back.

Hakimi Mazraoui, the glimmering of hope

All is not lost, despite the dark skies above the heads the Atlas Lions. According to the English press, Nayef Alguerd should be back on the field by mid-October. He still has a few more weeks to get in shape before he can fly to Qatar.

Morocco can also count upon Achraf Hakimi or Noussair Mazraoui. The first is a definite holder at PSG. The Bavarian has proven that he did not sign for Bayern Munich to be a substitute. Against FC Barcelona, ​​his entry in place of Benjamin Pavard also revitalized the Bavarian defense which showed some signs of feverishness before its early entry into play (21st). The Moroccan, who was also able to play on the left and in the midfield, was one the most outstanding players on the pitch.

Marzaoui, Hakimi, and the World Cup are approaching. They represent the hope for the defense of the Atlas Lions.

Mohamed HADJI

Source: sportnewsafrica

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