Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Hon. Abdirisaq Mohamed Omar Federal Republic of Somalia, Attending Africa Oil Week 2022 – African Business

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Hon. on 3-7 October. Honourable Omar has been in his high-profile role since August 2022 and will be joining over 30 ministers at the event held in the heart of South Africa’s Cape Town. Organised by Hyve Group Plc., Africa Oil Week is the leading Oil and Gas event that promises to bring together leading energy stakeholders to celebrate this year’s theme: Sustainable Growth in a Low-Carbon World

“Africa Oil Week warmly welcomes Hon. Abdirisaq Mohamed Omar Federal Republic of Somalia, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, to this year’s event. His appointment is a testament to how respected he is within the industry as he leads Somalia into a new era in energy and economic growth. Somalia is rich with opportunities spanning the entire energy sector and value chain, so hearing his valued insights into the need for foreign investment and international player participation in African oil and gas will be a great contribution,” said Paul Sinclair, VP of Energy and Director of Government Relations for Africa Oil Week.

Somalia, despite oil being the backbone of most industrialised countries, is still heavily dependent on imports to maintain its economy. H.E. Minister Mohamed is dedicated to changing this trend by creating a more appealing market in Somalia and has previously told Africa Now that he will be prioritising exploration, infrastructure development and regional cooperation to get Africa’s Upstream and Downstream as the backbone of the continent’s economy. This work, along with a focus on returning major global energy companies, will be the key to unlocking a new era in hydrocarbons in Somalia and elsewhere.

“Fortunately, Somalia is on the cusp of experiencing a brilliant new dawn. The country is now equipped with the infrastructure it needs to attract foreign investors back to the country. Additionally, the 2020 petroleum laws regulating the industry ensures that greater revenue for Somalia and its regions are in the very near future,” Sinclair said.

“Africa Oil Week is dedicated to getting each country’s challenges and needs to be heard on a global stage, as well as giving leaders the chance to network with major energy players to discuss investment and even entering a new market. Somalia has been a highly desirable investment destination as the global demand for African oil has increased over 12 months. We fully support H.E. Minister Mohamed’s goal to transform the sector and make a strong case for foreign investment and further participation from international organisations,” said Sinclair.

He adds, “The entire event has been running for over two decades as a way of promoting everything Africa has to offer when it comes to the world’s energy needs. But with the continent’s economy struggling to stay stabilised and more than 80 per cent of the Sub-Saharan African population being without access to clean cooking technologies, Africa Oil Week 2022 is an essential event for Africa to take a step forward into the global energy space.”

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About Africa Oil Week:
Africa Oil Week ( is the meeting place of choice for the continent’s upstream oil and gas sector. Now entering its 28th year, the event brings together governments, national and international oil companies, independents, investors, the G&G community and service providers. From 3-7 October 2022, Africa Oil Week will take place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre 2(CTICC2) in Cape Town.

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