Egypt’s President reminds Algerian leaders of need to preserve Arab Countries’ territorial integrity, stop dealing with armed militias – The North Africa Post

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On the eve of the Arab Summit to be hosted by Algiers, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has sent a strong message to the Algerian rulers reminding them of the need to preserve Arab Countries’ territorial integrity and stop dealing with armed militias, an allusion to the polisario that is supported, armed and financed by the Algerian junta and that claims the independence of the Moroccan Sahara.

El-Sisi spoke to Qatar News Agency during his official visit in Doha. He confirmed that the Arab Summit is coming at a delicate time for the Arab nation, which is currently facing multiple crises as well as tensions.

QNA quoted the Egyptian head-of-state as saying that the President stressed the need to restore some principles and concepts in the Arab Region, such as upholding and maintaining the nation state, preserving sovereignty and territorial integrity of the states, and not dealing terrorist groups or armed militias.

QNA stated that President Obama stressed the importance supporting national armies and military establishments as well as strengthening authority of central institutions in order to prevent powers from exploiting the vacuum that exists to tamper the capabilities and futures peoples in Arab countries. QNA added that the Egyptian president also called on QNA to close the door in the face foreign interventions while adhering to citizenship as a fundamental pillar of protecting societal peace.

These are the core principles around which all issues in the Arab region revolve. QNA quoted the president as saying that this is the framework through the which we look forward cooperating with our Arab brothers during the forthcoming summit.

Egypt’s President visited Qatar on Tuesday for the first time since a four-year rift between Cairo and Doha, a visit described as marking “a new era in relations” between the two Arab countries.

Cairo had joined Saudi Arabia, its Gulf allies, Bahrain and the UAE, in cutting ties in June 2017 with Doha over its alleged support to the Muslim Brotherhood, and its alleged soft line towards Iran.

Their blockade on Qatar was lifted January 2021.

Cairo hosted the Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani in June. In March, Cairo had announced that Qatar was planning to invest five billion dollars in Egypt. QatarEnergy, the world’s largest hydrocarbon company, announced a deal with ExxonMobil for a 40% stake in an exploration block in the Mediterranean that is located off Egypt.

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