DANAB forces kills 18 Al-Shabab militants in Hiran region (Press Statement) – Somali National News Agency

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MOGADISHU (SONNA):18 of Alshabab terrorists including ring leaders were killed in a planned security operation conducted by Somali National Army’s commandos (DANAB) in Buq-Aqable town, about 40 km from Bulo-Burte district of Hiran region.

During the operation the army destroyed the terror-group’s hideouts and their biggest base in the region where they used to extort money from the people.

With the support from local communities, the army will carry out offensive operations to find Alshabab terrorists everywhere.

The Federal Government of Somalia warns terrorists to surrender to the Armed Forces and denounce terrorist ideology based upon the il-interpreted Islamic Religion. This will allow them to be spared from security operations targeting al-Shabab.


Source: sonna

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