Algeria: Andy Delort apologizes to the “Algerian people”

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Andy Delort, a member of the Algerian Football Federation, recalled the reasons for his withdrawal from the Algerian selection. The Nice striker, who was absent from Djamel Belmadi’s group for nearly a year now, has apologized to his supporters.

Andy Delort is on the verge of redemption. Nearly a year ago, Andy Delort, a former Montpellier player, broke the silence. He had the chance to admit his guilt and to apologize to all those who were not sure what he was doing. As Algeria, African champions were about to defend their title, Djamel Belmadi, the coach, was angered by their decision. Many fans also didn’t want to see him wearing the jersey of the national team. I defend the values ​​of my country. This speech is not about me. You can make errors, but not in this particular area. “, had also tackled Belmadi during a press conference.

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Since then, however, the water has flowed under a bridge and relations between Andy Delort, Djamel Belmadi and have improved. They had many exchanges and it is likely that the Aiglon will recall to the selection, possibly from the international break in September. The video posted on the website of the Aiglon seems to support this thesis. Algerian Football FederationIn which the player announces he is available for selection again.

Bad communication, personal situations and competition in Nice are arguments

Nice had a lot of competition, so I had a long contract. (…) I hid things from the coach concerning a personal problem which meant that I could not leave so far from my family. It took me a long while to tell my coach that he was blaming me. I should have been more open and direct with him, and maybe it wouldn’t have happened that way. “, justified Andy Delort in particular, before continuing: “ I am sorry to the Algerian people. I long to play again and show the Algerian team all my love. »

Supporters received a video and an apologetics in various ways. However, some still accuse her that she “abandoned” the selection when it was in trouble. Djamel Belmadi will now decide if she wants to call Andy Delort once again. The technician could be tempted, even though the Algerian attack is not shining in the last outings of the match, to give the 30-year-old another chance for the two friendly matches against Guinea (September 23) and Nigeria (September 27).

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